I am originally from Brazil, but I have now settled in Vienna since the end of 2016, after experiencing life in three different countries, I have decided that was the time to pursue a new career. During this new challenge, I have found that a successful career in the modern days is directly related to technology.

    The tech industry was the most exciting field I could find which checks all the boxes. My enthusiasm and passion for learning are some of the reasons I have chosen to start learning to code. I started studying from home for a couple of months and then I signed up for a coding Bootcamp to sharpen my skills faster.

    During my training at the Bootcamp I experienced Tester activities, and it was love at first sight. It was the complete match between my quality assurance expertise and the career path that I was aiming for. Following the Bootcamp I started to study more about testing frameworks, and recently became a ISTQB certified Tester.

    There are still many things to learn, but as I love learning new things everyday, I am sure this is the right path for me.


    Front end: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Accessibility, SEO, React, Gatsby, Next.js.
    Back end: Node.js, JavaScript, PostgreSQL and SQL fundamentals.
    Tools: Figma, Git, GitHub, Heroku and VS Code.


    Testing Tools: Tosca and Selenium
    Project Management Tools: Confluence and Jira
    Testings Frameworks: Robot Framework and Cypress
    Agile: Scrum, Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD)